Avisco Ltd. World leader in Inula viscosa research production applications and products

    Avisco Ltd. is the first and only worldwide source of Inula viscosa oleoresin extract products and technology.

    We extract our standardized Inula viscosa OleoResin extract  from the leaves of the most biological active Inula viscosa phenotype we have identified in the wild and cultivate it as an organic crop,  using  our proprietary Agro technology methods, post harvest processing, and our proprietary extraction and standardization technology.




   Avisco's Inula viscosa oleoresin extract properties

    Product name: Aivorex
    Category: Oleoresin medicinal
    Standardized botanical extract

    Appearance          Green color, part solid paste at room temp.
    Specific gravity      0.96
    Melting point          > 50.0  C
    Non- corrosive
    Solubility in  Water        < 0.779 g/l (20.0  C)
    Readily dissolves in organic solvents
    Stability: No change in properties, composition appearance
    and biological activity - after 12 years of storage at room temperature in  a sealed container. Assumed to have indefinite shelf life.

    Acute Oral Toxicity       LD50    > 2000 mg/kg rat
                                     Method   OECD 423        Non-toxic

    Acute Dermal Toxicity   Primary irritation index 1.1,
                                     Method     OECD 404    Slight dermal
    irritant (Rabbit)

    Acute Eye Irritation       LD50 >2000 mg/kg rabbit
                                     Method OECD 402   No irritation

    Listing with leading regulators:

    Inula viscosa extract CAS Number: 94334-09-5

    Inula viscosa extract ECHA EC Number 305-089-2

    Inula viscosa extract Anti Oxidant for cosmetics:  USA EPA GCID 542680

    INCI Monograph ID:7808  Function: Antioxidant

    Key characteristics include:
    Non Toxic
    Broad spectrum growth inhibitor of:
    Bacteria - gram positive & negative

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