Who we are
Avisco Ltd. is focused on the unique medicinal plant
Inula viscosa and its health beneficial products.
Founded in Y-2002 on seed funding from the Innovation Authority (formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist),
Avisco Ltd.  has completed scientific studies on anti microbial applications, anti fouling applications, clinical trials on treatment of OsteoArthritis, &  other useful products, proprieaty IP, proprietary unpublished studies & patents.

Avisco Ltd. was the first place award winner of the international challenge (2018) by the CG3, "Development of a novel green preservative for skin care, personal care & house hold products"

Inquiries  avisco at  inulav  dot com


    Dr. Irit Van-Ham  Executive VP and CTO                                 Uri Finkelstein

    PhD Pharmacology. Toxicolgy Specialist                                 Founder & CEO